George Washington and Franz Joseph Haydn
were both born in 1732.

You know it wasn't too long ago that on a 4th of
July weekend that I would have gotten together with
my girlfriend or other friends, possibly attended a
barbecue, heard a band, maybe gone to a good restaurant
for dinner and seen a movie. And in fact I would have
considered it a disappointing holiday if I hadn't done
at least some of those things.

But this weekend for our Nation's birthday I will do
none of that. Instead I plan to sit in front of the air
conditioner, sip on a few margaritas, and listen to
Haydn's "Paris" symphonies.

And for some reason that doesn't seem disappointing
at all.

How things change, yeah?

To my friends out there both in the States and else-
where, I wish you the continued blessings of Liberty
this holiday.