Coeur d'Alene Tribal Casino: The old and the new.

Yesterday was my monthly run to Idaho. Due to
recent changes in the pick up sites for the
Casino van I had to go way up to the north side
on the city bus just to catch the thing. On the
way there I got involved in a conversation with
the woman sitting next to me on the Casino van,
which included details about her life that I
would just as soon not to have known. Admittedly,
I guess I confessed a few things from mine as well.

Finally at the Casino I bought my cigarettes and
went to the bar and had a Bloody Mary to wait for
the shuttle back to Spokane. On a lark I placed a
bet on a horse, Centrina in the 4th at Belmont.
And by some strange quirk of fate I won, winning
$6 back on my $2 bet.

The trip back seemed endless. I spent the time
reading a tiny book of poems by John Donne and
taking intermittent snapshots of the passing
scenery. And, for some reason, a few self shots
as well.

I've been having problems with tiredness lately
anyway, and by the time I got back home all I
could manage to do was get a glass of ice water,
take a few aspirin, and collapse on the couch.
I was too tired to even eat. But about an hour
later I did manage supper. Then I put on my
night clothes and robe and went to bed.

It was 6:30 p.m.

Give mee thy weaknesse, make mee blinde,
Both wayes as thou and thine, in eies and minde;
Love, let me never know that this
Is love, or, that love childish is.
Let me not know that others know
That she knowes my paines, lest that so
A tender shame make me mine owne.

— John Donne, "Love's Exchange."