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No, don't worry, this is not an X-rated post.

Not a lot happens here in Browne's Addition. But
yesterday was sort of exiting what with the erection
of a new support pole on the corner.

This is the ancient light pole across the street.
It looks like it dates from the 1930s, and may very
well be that old. In any case the old pole has been
braced up for some number of years now by a cable
running from the pole down at an angle across the
street to my yard.

I lost count of the number of times I almost
clothes-lined myself over the years coming home
late at night, spacing out, and walking into the
support cable. I finally got wise and started
walking the sidewalks only.

Detail of the old pole across the street.

Kind of scary. I guess Avista Utilities must have
the same philosophy I have with regard to most
things — "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

I first knew that something was going to happen
when this big pole suddenly appeared the other day
from out of nowhere in my front yard.

The Avista Utility workers with the new pole in
place. Unfortunately I missed the digging of
the hole. But you can still see the backhoe
doing something or other.

You can see the old support cable that I almost
clothes-lined myself on stretching from the ground
to the pole across the street. They left that cable
on until the new ones were put in.

Detail of the crab claw holding up the new pole
until it is in place.

Fredric Chopin, a legendary Pole.

Waltz in E minor

Just thought I would have a break in all the
exciting action.

Attaching the support cables on the new pole.

The new pole in place, showing the new supports
running from the ground to the new pole and the
supports running from the new pole to the old
pole across the street.

Great. Now there are not one but two lines for
me to decapitate myself on. Luckily, I don't get
out that much at night these days.