A section of the Hong Kong Express menu. And
by the way guys, you mis-spelled "onion."

The other day in the mail I got a menu from a
new Chinese restaurant here in Spokane called
Hong Kong Express. So I looked through the menu.
They have a very large selection of dishes, more
so I would say than the average Chinese place.
They also have some dishes that I haven't seen
before here in Spokane, such as the Chicken
Meat Ball in garlic sauce. But the odd ones are
certainly the frog dishes. Yes, frog. You have
your choice of the Steamed Frog Leg or the Spicy
Pepper Salted Frog (see photo above).

But perhaps the biggest thing about this new
place is that it delivers — at least within a
5 mile radius. As such it fills a huge hole in
the market here in Spokane.

All of this really makes no difference to me
personally given that I live only 2 blocks from
another Chinese restaurant, Ming Wah. I can call
in an order, go over and pick it up, and be back
in 20 minutes. Which I'm sure is faster than Hong
Kong Express could deliver it.

Of course, Ming Wah doesn't have frog. So I guess
I'll just have to do without the frog.


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