I don't know where Frank Sinatra is recording here,
but it looks to be a hastily thrown together studio
inside a high school cafeteria. I hope he chose the
fish sticks and fries — those are usually least

On one of his recent posts our Opera friend Martin put
up a song he had come up with using an automatic lyrics
generator he had found on the internet. The thing works
by the visitor choosing a song style and then plugging
in answers to various questions. Then it generates a
song using all that. I went to it and generated my own
song, in the style of the Village People.

And then, just because I was waiting for the potato
soup to cook up, and because I didn't have anything
else to do, I decided to generate a few more songs.
The first of the new songs was in the style of Britney
Spears. It was okay, but didn't really make me very

The next try was in the style of Frank Sinatra.
And here it is.

"That's Why Lady Val is a Queen"

(in the style of Frank Sinatra,
performed by Eddie Charles)

Have you met Lady Val?
Someone said as we shook hands.
She was just Lady Val to me.

Then I said, Lady Val,
You're a lady who understands,
I'm a man who must be handsome.

You better listen to Rachmaninoff,
you better not be unkind,
You better not be unfair, I'm telling you why,
The sound of your lyre is comin' to town!
The sound of your lyre is comin' to town!
The sound of your lyre is comin', comin' to town.

I practiced every day,
To find some clever lines to say,
To make the meaning come through…

And then I went and spoilt it all,
by saying something stupid like:
"I don't love you."

I can see it in her eyes,
that she despises Steinway pianos,
Like the day before.

She loves practicing the piano,
She hates bad pizza,
She loves her Bosendorfer Imperial.

That's why Lady Val,
That's why Lady Val,
That's why Lady Val is a Queen.

I don't love you.
I don't…


And while I'm at it you might check out this site
— it's a gas.