Polar Bear Meet and Greet
20:04:2011 06:42 GMT

Yesterday we stopped briefly to take some sea ice measurements. Before
too long several polar bears came out to greet us. We took a few minutes
to visit with them. The bears were very friendly to us, but asked us if we
would please not fuck up the shelf ice too much as global climate change
was doing quite enough of that already. We apologized to the bears, saying
that we normally did not venture in as far as the shelf ice, and promised
that our ship would only cover the shipping lanes. We ended our visit by
both agreeing that we did not like warmlanders very much.

Okay, I'm making most of this up. But we did run into some bears.

Peter Comes to the Rescue
15:04:2011 13:26 GMT

We had some trouble getting the CAT started yesterday. But just when we
thought it was hopeless Peter from Ships Information Center proved he had
a very practical side when he came down and finally managed to get the
damn thing started. Hurray, Peter!

Big Cold Balls
30:03:2011 18:14 GMT

We took some of our tourist passengers on a hike to the shore yesterday and
found these big stone balls. Natural or unnatural? You decide. We quickly got
a photo and posted it in the galley and the crew unanimously adopted the cold
balls as our ship's mascot.

25:03:2011 22:51 GMT

I was out walking this morning when this big explosion happened on the
deck above me and steam was spouting all over the place and turned to
ice crystals. I was just about to notify the OOD, but it turns out he noticed
it at the same time. Engineering was called, and the pipe inside the vent
was fixed quickly.

Another Wonderful Day
01:03:2011 08:11 GMT

I took a walk out on the deck this afternoon and it was simply beautiful
out. Is this common? Well, yes it is common for us here on board to take
walks. LOL. As for the weather, we are all happy to be here on board the
ship. Sometimes sailors will sign on but they turn out to be warmlanders
at heart and they don't last too long. The tourists we have on board,
some like it and some question their judgment in taking the excursion at
all. This isn't Princess Cruise Lines, people. When we say -50 C we really
mean it.

Our Way, Way, Way Cool Rock Video
28:02:2011 16:41 GMT

Well after a lot of hard work and some help from all our friends we finally
got our rock video up on youTube. It turned out better than we had expected,
thanks to all! You can watch it here.

[The blog presented here is of course entirely fictional. I guess
this is a type of fantasy. My thanks to English-Russia.com for
most of the photos used on the post.]