Valentina in London, documentary by Pieter de Rooij.

This is an amazing video shot last year during
Valentina Lisitsa's recordings of the Rachmaninoff
concertos in London. It includes interviews with
conductor Michael Francis and producer Michael
Fine. Most interesting here is Fine's opinion
of Valentina.

"It is really hard to come up with the words
to praise her highly enough. This is someone that
really the world needs to hear….There are people
who can manage the technical aspects, but she can
do it with ease. And I think that her sound is deep,
deep — you think that the key goes down forever.
That is unique."

Well it's about frigging time.

Valentina looks so happy. Happy to be playing.
Happy to be playing her Rachmaninoff.

And that makes me happy also.

This segment of the documentary also explains what
she is doing using a Steinway for the recordings
— evidently it is what you might call a "special"
Steinway that she actually likes.

Incidentally I emailed producer Michael Fine and
asked him if he could please give me some news on
the release date of these recordings, which were
supposedly going to come out in late 2010. If I hear
back from him, you will certainly know it.