Saw this poster in the window of The Satellite
yesterday evening.

It's an advertisement for the Miss Wrangler Drag
Queen Contest to be held at Irv's Bar next door.
Evidently Sadie Roxwell is contestant no. 2, and
has done some serious plugging on her own behalf.

The contest is tonight. I will not be attending,
either as a contestant or as a *cough cough*
observer. :p

On a related note, I've been into Irv's a couple
of times when The Satellite is too crowded and
hectic. And on one occasion I saw two of the
hottest women I have ever seen in Spokane —
insanely hot. And yes, I'm pretty damn sure they
were women.

And the good news is that Thai noodles were scored
last night and partially consumed. For some crazy
reason I got the 10-star hotness level. OMG!