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I didn't really need a new case. But I got one anyway.
It's sort of my birthday present to myself.

The case has a nice brown interior, almost a paisley
type of pattern. It has two storage compartments (one
of which you can see in the photo slightly propped open).
It has slots for four bows — I probably will never need
more than two of them, but no matter. It has a hygrometer
for measuring humidity — not that I've ever known any
of them to work right anyway. There is a tube for extra
strings, but I prefer to keep my strings in their little
packets in the storage compartment so I will never use it.
On the outside it has a zippered slot for sheet music.

It also came with a blanket to put over the violin before
the case is closed (you can see that resting on top of the
case lid). I'm not really sure how much of that is to protect
the instrument and how much is merely tradition. I wasn't
expecting the case to come with a blanket, and had even
gotten onto the Jo-Ann Fabrics website to look at material
to make one. But I think I'll keep the blanket for a while.
And strangely, I will miss the old cotton washrag that I've
been using as a blanket since I got the violin.

It weights just slightly more than my Cremona case, so
it's still pretty light (about 8 lbs. with everything in it).

The case was made in the U.S.A. by Tonareli, which is
out of Georgia. And I would like to thank Go Strings
once again for their great service.