My mom got me this great birthday card. She wanted
me to open it before I go into the hospital. You
know in college not too long ago I used to call
myself "old turtle" because I couldn't walk around
campus as fast at the young "hares." So this card
is perfect, even though it's actually a get-well

On the inside it reads (italics being handwritten)

To Eddie and Daddy

It's not the speed that matters.
It's the getting there.

& Happy Birthday

Hope you feel better soon.

from Mom and Sasha!

:heart: :heart:

Well tomorrow I will be going in to have another
round of the stent-valve thing done. I should
probably be coming home late Wednesday. And I
will do a post and let everybody know about things
as soon as I can.

So then, I guess I'll see ya on the other side.

Uh, maybe I should rephrase that…