A pair of Marie Antoinette's shoes and monogrammed
garters. On the left is a bonnet belonging to her
daughter Marie Thérèse. From a collection in the Loire
Valley, France. Photo by Tara Bradford.

Just prior to being taken to the guillotine, Queen
Marie-Antoinette Capet's hair was crudely cut short.
She was given a plain white dress and a bonnet to
wear. Oddly, she wore a pair of plum colored buckle
shoes that she had somehow managed to keep with her
through her time in the hellish Conciergerie prison.

The fate of the shoes is unknown. They may have been
taken as souvenirs by those at the Place de la Révolution.
Or they may have been thrown along with her body into
the lime-covered mass grave at the Madeleine Cemetery,
where they decomposed.

Source: Simon Schama, Citizens: A Chronicle of the French