Valentina Lisitsa.

Warfare I cannot wage, yet know not peace
I fear, I hope, I burn, I freeze again
Mount to the skies, then bow to earth my face
Grasp the whole world, yet nothing can obtain
His prisoner Love frees not, nor will detain
In toils he holds me not, nor will release
He slays me not, nor yet will he unchain
Nor joy allows, nor lets my sorrow cease

Sightless I see my fair, though mute I mourn
I scorn existence, and yet court its stay
Detest myself, and for another burn
By grief I'm nurtured and, though tearful, gay
Death I despise, and life alike I hate
Such, lady, do you make my wayward state

F. Liszt, Années de Pèlerinage Book 2, S. 161
V. Sonetto 104 del Petrarca

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