I e-mailed Valentina Lisitsa the other day to ask
permission to use 2 of her Flickr photos on my blog.
Well a few minutes later the e-mail bounced back. So
I figured at that point that her e-mail address had
changed, so I got on to her website to see if there
was a new address.

Well to my great surprise her website didn't exist
any more. Or I guess I should say her old web site
didn't exist. There is a newly designed site now,
very fresh looking.

Gone, however, are the audio tracks on her old site:
the Liszt Rhapsody No. 12, which was the performance
that first convinced me a couple years ago that
Valentina was the best pianist out there. Gone too
is the Liszt Sonata in B minor, issued years ago on
a now out-of-print album and not even available on
youTube. And then there was her great performance
of Prokofiev's Sonata No. 7 — it will be sadly
missed. It was so much better than my recording
of that sonata with Sandor.

But I know that with her new contract with Deutsche
Grammophon that
it might be difficult to keep such
things like the audio tracks going, what with royalty
issues and all
. I am sincerely hoping that her youTube
channel does not suffer the same fate. It is true that,
eventually, many of the works on her channel will be
recorded. But that might take years, even a decade or
so. And I don't know about most people who love to
listen to her performances, but I myself probably
won't live long enough see many CDs come forth. So
youTube is and will probably be my main vehicle for
Valentina in the upcoming years. Even though I plan
of course to buy every CD that she puts out.

Things change. That seems to be a law of the universe.
I think that the new site bodes great things for the
future. And I am very much looking forward to seeing
it evolve. As for the rest, well, I guess I can now truly
be considered to be among both the Old Guard — and
the New.