I'm a dangerous man.

Why I'd as rather shoot ya as look at ya.

But I guess if I was gonna shoot ya, I'd have
ta look at ya. Otherwise I couldn't see what I
was shootin.

Of course I guess I could just start shootin
in all directions hopin that I'd hit ya.

But even then I'd have to look at ya, less
I wouldn't be able to know that I hit ya.

Ah, to hell with it. A bottle of whiskey,
bartender. And leave the bottle.

But of course I don't mean just the bottle.
An empty bottle won't do me any darn good
ta quench my thirst.

So let me clear this up a bit maybe. When I
say leave the bottle I mean the bottle and
the whiskey that's in it.

That there's what you call metonymy. I learned
that way back when I was gettin me some schoolin
at Harvard.

So leave the bottle. And the whiskey. And don't
gets too close neither cause then I might see ya
and have to decide whether to shoot ya. And as we
know that gets rather complicated.