In a recently posted video, Valentina Lisitsa
got a chance to "go for it" and use the full
resources of a Bösendorfer Imperial, playing
one of Liszt's finest pieces — the Ballade No. 2.

The sound of the Imperial is simply stupendous.
I really don't know how there could ever have
ever been a finer piano. And of course Valentina
is fully capable of bringing out the very best
in such a magnificent instrument. As she says in
her program notes, "Bosy rules!!!!"

Even if you don't feel like listening to the entire
piece, I highly suggest listening to @7:56 to @9:40.
The length of time it takes the bass to fall off in
the final seconds of that passage is amazing. And
Valentina just lets the sound ride out…layering
the next soft chords in the treble over it. Absolute

F. Liszt, Ballade No. 2 in B minor, (S.170a)

Valentina also mentioned something in the notes
about a "Liszt project" that she is going to do
"very soon." Oh please, Valentina, don't tease me
like that. I have a weak heart!


And while I'm on the Ballade No. 2, I have
wondered about the lento assai passage that
occurs @0:54 and elsewhere and its similarity
to an almost identical theme in Arvo Pärt's
Fratres. Coincidence? You be the judge.

Liszt playing for the Emperor Franz Josef.
"The perfection of the Bösendorfer exceeds
my most ideal expectations."