And yes, Valentina did have clothes on in this
video interview. Just in case you were wondering.
Or fantasizing.

In conjunction with her Salzburg grande salon,
Valentina Lisitsa gave an interview which I think
is one of her best — and certainly most personal.

It was interesting listening to her talk about
having to juggle her personal and professional
life, saying at one point "It is sleep deprivation
or sleep." Which is something I've often wondered
about and have even mentioned on this blog. Frankly,
it is difficult for me to comprehend how she does
even half of what she does. I wish I could take 12
hours of my own day and give them to Valentina.
Because I don't really do much anyway.

But my favorite part of the interview was when she
talked about the difficulties of playing Godowsky's
arrangement of Strauss' Die Fledermaus. "Your brain
goes berserk!" she said.

Well Valentina, I have a humble suggestion as to
what to do when that particular thing happens:
Go into your music library, pull out a volume of
Chopin, and play through some berserkas.


I know, pretty bad. But I just had to do it.

So there it is.