I found out yesterday that Jonathan Frakes, who
you may remember as "Commander Ryker" on the
series Star Trek: Next Generation is going to be
with the Seattle Symphony October 13-16 for a
special pops concert featuring music from Star
Wars, Star Trek
and Avatar.

Since I will be in Seattle the night of the 16th,
and just out of curiosity, I decided to see if I
could get a ticket. Well as it turns out not only
could I get a ticket, but I could actually get
exactly the same seat on the 2nd Tier that I will
be sitting in the very next night to see Valentina
Lisitsa and Hilary Hahn. Strange, huh?

I won't being going to the pops concert, though.
The 16th is the day I arrive in Seattle, and I will
want to spend time on that first day with my friend
Charlie, get settled in, etc.

But I admit it is tempting. I always liked
"Commander Ryker."