Just a few brief announcements.

First, after consulting with my mom, my dog,
my doctors, the schizophrenic guy who lives in
the apartment next to me, and one really nice
old pine tree in Coeur d'Alene Park, I have
decided to not seek the nomination for President
on the Republican ticket in 2012.

Second, I have food poisoning. I guess I don't
have to go into much detail about that, everybody
knows what food poisoning is. Yesterday I spent
the morning in the ER at Sacred Heart Hospital
because I was worried it was affecting my heart.

But it all turned out okay. They of course did
some tests and contacted Dr. Garabedian, one of
my cardiologists, to make sure about the heart
issues. But there wasn't much they could do for
the poisoning, just give me some anti-nausea
medication and send me on my un-merry way.
But at least now I know that it is okay to
take my nitroglycerin tablets while having
the poisoning.

Hopefully in another 24 hours it will all be over
with. This has not been a fun experience.