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A little bird (or a piano-playing falcon) told me last December
that Valentina Lisitsa was going to be performing here with the
Spokane Symphony during the 2012-13 season. But to be honest,
I've been holding my breath ever since. A doubting Thomas, I
couldn't bring myself to believe that she was actually coming
until the schedule for next year actually came out.

Well, today the schedule was released. And yes, Valentina will
once again be favoring our little town with a concert. She is
scheduled to be here November 17-18, and will be playing
Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody On a Theme of Paganini.

Now another long, nervous wait begins. I'll have to wait until
August, when non-subscriber tickets go on sale. I hope I can get
something right down front like the last time I saw her here. And
then, ticket in hand, I will have another nervous wait until November
— hoping that something terrible doesn't come up for her which
forces her to cancel.

Well I'd better go start boning up on the Rachmaninoff Rhapsody
I have little familiarity with it.