I finally discovered (after the fact) what the mysterious
Reunion Island Festival was that was listed on Valentina
Lisitsa's website. On her tour schedule she was listed to
play there April 8th and 9th.

As it turns out the music festival she played at was held at
the Théâtre Luc Donat, the island being Île de la Réunion
located off the coast of Madagascar. I was curious as to
what her program would be for something like this, but
unfortunately there were no details given.* But the biograph
on the festival site did speak of her as being "un talent à
couper le souffle!" Which evidently means "a breathtaking
talent!" — but now I can't get the image out of my mind
of Valentina being some sort of lemon souffle.


Why do I get the feeling that this booking had less to do
with music and more with beautiful beaches and stunning
rainforest waterfalls?

I hope she had a great time — and got some rest for a change!


*On Twitter Valentina mentioned something about playing
with harmonica player Buddy Greene. But I have no idea
whether this was programed or simply a spontaneous set
with him.

Work, work, work!

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