Yesterday, Valentina Lisitsa notified her fans that a CD (yes, an
actual CD) of a taping of her Royal Albert Hall recital will be out
on July 24 through her new label of Decca Records. The album is
currently available for presale at Amazon.

According to Valentina, the album will contain all her Royal Albert
program with the exception of the Liszt Totentanz. Evidently the
omission is due to legalities involving an album Naxos put out of
her a couple years back which included that work. "Totentanz will
be on DVD that comes out later" Valentina wrote on Facebook. "First
I have to file a lawsuit against Naxos. They still behave like they
own it. Bastards."

Considering that Naxos has not made the Lisitsa album available
virtually since it was issued, and as such are not currently making
money on it anyway, I don't see what Naxos' problem is with this. If
they didn't truly back the album that Valentina made with them in
the first place, why should they be such svengalis on this issue now?

For Naxos not to allow the complete recital to be issued is to me a
crime against humanity — well, at least a crime against music.

Bastards. You know the last time I checked it was Liszt who composed
the Totentanz, not anybody at Naxos.

In any case it probably goes without saying that I preordered the
album immediately. I was not going to snooze and lose on this one.
When I will get my copy depends on whether Decca gets them all out,
but if the July 24 date is fulfilled then it should in my box on or
close to that date — Amazon has a practice of mailing presale albums
out early so they get to the customer by the release date.

Oh how long have I been waiting for this. And perhaps the squabbles
over the Totentanz will be passed by the time Decca gets around to
issuing Valentina's Liszt project album.