Downtown yesterday looking for the seemingly only damn printing shop in
downtown Spokane and as I was a few blocks from it I ran into a man with
a beard like mine but older than me and carrying a walking staff while I
carried a leather portfolio and a computer tablet and as we began to walk
aside each other he said to me hello and I said to him with all sincerity
how's it going. And so he began to tell me about how maybe great a day it
was and how he was going down to his new place and he extended his hand
to me and said that he was some name or another I forget but that everyone
called him Ozone and I shook his hand and called myself Ed. And then he said
he was glad to be in his new place as he had been homeless for 11 years and
how in the homeless shelters he had formerly had to worry about people saying
he was making too much noise but now he was the only one who might complain.
And then he went on to say that it was so good to have a place again but that
when he had tried to take a bath he had forgotten about the water and let the
tub overflow. At which point I said maybe he could take a shower instead and
he said how good it was to feel hot water on his skin and not cold upon him
like when he was homeless upon which time we reached the printing company
that I was going for and we said goodbye and I opened the door that said Pull
and went inside.