Not sure. You know my life is so hectic right now. We've been swamped
at work and my supervisor was riding my ass like a peasant on a donkey
all week. And then one of the kids got sick. So my wife had to take him
to the doctor which meant borrowing the minivan for the day so I had to
take the damn bus. And then there was the night old Jim came over.
Again. Football. Again. By the time he left I barely had time to make it
to to the grocery store to pick up stuff for dinner. Wait. Is that when
I went to Subway? Maybe. Or maybe it was lunch break I went to Subway.
Oh and then the brakes got hinky on the minivan and I had to take it
into the shop — that's 4 damn hours there waiting. I think there was
a Subway across the street from the place. Or was I just thinking about
going over? I can't remember. And then there is my work with the poor.
Did I take the homeless people to Subway? I don't know, maybe it was
Quiznos. You know I think I'm going crazy here.