Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland from 1543 to 1587.
During her lifetime Mary played politics with three English
monarchs and a good number of her fellow Scots.

Well no matter what the dirty politics of today, it's not nearly as bad
as what went on in Renaissance and Elizabethan times. Those people had
political deception, double-dealing, and treachery down to a fine art.
To them it was like a game of chess, and they didn't care who got hurt
in the playing of it as long as they could take the advantage in the
game. If our current politics were played the way they were back then,
Romney could pay to have Obama's children kidnapped and held hostage.
Or Obama could talk a close confidante of Ryan into assassinating him
in return for being made ambassador to England. If there is one good
product of democracy it is its system of laws which moderates such
things. Deadly politics these days is played out by some lone nut with a
gun. Because no matter what side of the political fence people are on,
there are some things that we would not accept.