The desktop of my new Acer Iconia A200 tablet.

The Iconia will for the most part replace my older Blackberry Playbook,
which would no longer sideload from my laptop since the last OS "upgrade."
The Iconia runs the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Love it!

This tablet, besides the usual functions, will also serve as my new stereo
system. So far I have sideloaded a good number of albums to it, and with
its 32 Gig SD card there is room for plenty more. Not something you would
be able to do with an iPad! Nor would it have a full-size USB port — I can
run music off a USB flash drive from there too.

In a couple months I'm going to get a pair of small speakers for it. Right
now I'm using headphones, which is actually more convenient most of the
time anyway.