"And just what kind of property were you looking for, Mr. Dracula?"

"That is Count Dracula. Please observe the formalities, we are very
traditional in my country."

"My humblest apologies, Count Dracula. Now, as to the property…"

"I am looking for a large house, a mansion. It should be set back well
off the road, and should have a high brick or stone wall around it, and
a large iron gate leading into the drive up to the house. I am particularly
looking for something with…a bit of history, dusty, cobwebs would be
good, and a dark cellar for keeping my…um, wine. Also, I would like
there to be a small chapel-type mausoleum on the estate if that would
not be too much trouble."

"Ah, well, you are in luck! I think there are numerous properties
outside London that fit that description!"