We're doing the slow movement to the Mozart bassoon concerto in
orchestra this semester, and in order to better learn my part I was
singing along with the music, trying to get a better feel for it. Well
all of a sudden I hear this howling. I looked up from the music and
there was my dog Sasha sitting next to me, her chin pointed up in
the air, howling or perhaps you could call it singing.

I don't know whether she just wanted to sing along with me or whether
I was just so bad she had to howl. I think I am going to assume that she
wanted to sing.

She actually has a very nice voice. So does Lucky, the Great Dane who
lives upstairs who Sasha has a crush on — sometimes at night I will
here him singing up there (I imagine when his owner is gone and he is

Maybe Sasha and Lucky could get together and form a duet?

Lucky sang bass, Sasha sang tenor
Singing seems to help a troubled soul…