Better than pianist William Kapell's daughter pooping all
over the place at the Prades festival.


And in other news, it seems that on Google+ Valentina
recently gave her residence as the 7th arrondissment
of Paris. I don't know whether this is political or
practical. With all her recent play dates in Europe,
it would certainly make sense to have an apartment
there rather than to fly back and forth all the time
between Europe and her family home in North Carolina.

This coincidence, well, it kind of freaked me out
considering that I am doing a new novel set in Paris.
I wish I were rich. I would grab Sasha and my laptop
and go live there for a while myself. Although I think
I would choose the 14th arrondissment area just for
the historical value of its link to various writers.

Incidentally the Montparnasse area is also home to
the 59-story Tower Montparnasse. It is said that the
view from the Tower is the most beautiful in Paris —
simply because it is the only spot from which the
tower itself cannot be seen.

Typical French wit.