Well I was finally doing it. My first blog post in two months. I can’t say that it was a really significant post. It was just one of those images where people write stupid or humorous stuff on maps. Nevertheless it was in fact time-intensive. And it was turning out nicely.

Well after about four hours work I was almost finished with it. All that remained to do were a few additions to southeast Asia. Unfortunately at that point I didn’t have the time to complete it. I had to make a trip to Idaho, and so I figured I would put the work away and come back to it the next day and finish it up and post it. I did a quick Merge Layers and then did a Save. Or at least I thought I did a Save. Yeah I was totally convinced that I had done that important and necessary step. 

But no. Something screwed up. When I came back today to finish the job, all I found was the blank map I had started with. Nothing of my work remained.

One of the differences between the Pixlr editor that I have been using on my Chromebook and Adobe Photoshop is that kind of thing would never have happened in Photoshop. If you forget to hit Save in Photoshop it assumes you are going to come back to the work later and saves the work anyway as an executable PSD document. Then you just go from there.

Not so with Pixlr, alas. You know I really do like Pixlr. It has most of the bells and whistles that I was used to on Photoshop. In fact the only thing I didn’t much care for in Pixlr was the Text function, which is needlessly complicated and kind of a pain in the ass. And of course you can’t beat the price of Pixlr — it is free, compared to Photoshop which you have to sell a kidney to buy and which won’t work on Chromebook anyway.

So all that work, lost. But I was bound and determined to get something out of it. Thus, this post. And a new Batman bitch-slapping Robin meme which never existed in the entire history of the world. So there.