Post-election results: The war will continue.

Which was pretty much an accomplished fact before even a single vote was counted in the 2016 National election. Hillary Clinton had said that she would continue the war against ISIS and, by extension, the entire war in the Middle East (difficult to have one without the rest). As for President-elect Donald Trump, if his comments on the matter are to be believed, he will escalate the war on ISIS, and even proposed “taking out their families.”

I can only repeat what I wrote back in September:

“I don’t think people understand quite what the war is doing to us. Where reason dismisses death, death destroys reason. It is driving our nation insane. Just look around you.”

Perhaps, at least to some, it is a little more clear now? Did we think that we could open the door to darkness and death, and not have it fall back upon us?

You have to be careful about calling down the Dark Angels; because they do not always stop at doing your bidding.

I pray for the people of this country, my family, my friends. Please note that you can all always find a safe coenaculum — Upper Room — here on my blog. We will pat each other on the shoulder and say “It’s going to be okay.” And, “Have faith.” We will hold each other’s hand.