I wrote this a couple years ago it seems, but only copied it to Facebook. So here it is here.


A Prayer Against Dreams

Oh merciful angels, let not the effluent garbage of my neurons rise up as I lay here in this bed and become the screen onto which I look.

Take me not again to the house of my youth with the Last Rites crucifix, and the missing grandfather, and my grandmother pressing shirts next to the huge oak dining table, for I have returned there too often, and it is a bad and useless habit.

Save me from the smile of the half-lovely stranger in the green dress, for I know that she says lies, and her lips are not the proper shade of red.

Let me not exit the bus in the dark valley with no trees, amongst houses and fences that are not my own.

Restrain in their courses the mad flowing blonde bubbles in the cavern of the shopping mall as I step off the shaky escalator.

Let me not scream out in anger against someone from long ago, for I am tired, and everything now is seemingly long ago.

Lead me not to the woman with the beautiful crystal eyes, whose name I cannot remember, and who I almost had the chance to love.

Empty my mind, oh all you saints, of all the shrill things that come in the night to kill my hopes, for they alone are the things my soul will fear at dawn.

Take me by the hand, my God, if I should fall asleep, and lead me never into that wasteful world of dreams, for they are unkind, and I know they are ultimately false, and speak to me with an always bitter voice.