iJustine with her laptop and phone and sexy butt.

iJustine, more or less famous internet something-or-other and
all-around chic I have the hots for, has her own Twitter feed. I have
to thank Angeliki for bringing this to my attention, because having
just joined Twitter I don't really follow anybody there much and now I
can be a hunky (uh) iJustine groupie.

So in case you don't follow her on Twitter I just thought that I would
fill you in on a few things going on in her life.

  • She had some recent dental work done. Unlike me, she must have
    dental insurance. Or make enough money to pay for it.
  • She is evidently editing a new video called "I Want Pizza." Whether
    she actually wants pizza or not I don't know as I haven't seen the
    video. Yet.
  • She likes taking naps although it is a bit unclear whether she actually
    takes the naps or whether she just thinks about taking them.
  • She recently petted some puppies in the street and then fantasized
    about having her own dog one day. To iJustine I say: Go for it
    iJustine! Get a nice dog!
  • She was sad when Walter Cronkite died. But she didn't elaborate —
    I'm sure due to the 140 character limit on tweets on Twitter.
  • She is taking suggestions for what kind of body piercing she should
    get. Uh…I have a few ideas.
  • She says that she would like to play one of the victims on the
    Law and Order television show. So I've been trying to think of
    possible scenarios for that one. How about this: She is walking down
    the street talking on the iPhone when she hits a patch of ice and slips
    and hits her head. Of course, that doesn't sound much like murder.
    Or is it…?

That's all the iJustine for now that's fit to spend my time with. All I can
add is that when I get my magic lamp to working and get a new young hunky
body and a Porsche, then I'm definitely going to chat her up seriously.