What a sad slow slide we have had from the ideals of the Enlightenment.

The fact that Truth is not readily apparent to all does not mean it does
not exist. Truth is not a cheap commodity.

We must approach Truth sceptically, but trusting the increments of our
better progress.

Capitalism does not know Reason. It only knows Desire.

It is the nature of Democracy to be divisive. It is the nature of Despotism
to be cruel.

Ethics cannot be derived from Reason. But the consequences of certain
ethical behaviors are apparent to all reasonable men.

If we only care about ourselves, we are locked in a Hall of Mirrors for
all our time.

Reason should feed the soul and help it in its growth.

There are really only two choices: Either we are on the side of Life and
Light, or we are on the side of Darkness and Death.

Either the Atheists are right or the Deists are right. If the Atheists are
right, they will never know. If the Deists are right, they will. 🙂 Thus
knowledge follows the divine.

The cosmos originated from the Creator, and it is creation which
continues that Creation.

What a fundamentally simple concept it would be that the purpose of
Creation is simply to further that creation.

We should only create what we can love. And we should tend to and
nurture that which we create, and that which has been created.

In the use of that capacity for Reason given to us by the Creator and
Nature, we must be endlessly self-critical. Beyond that lies demons.