Doing the review of the Suicide Girls' Blog (see the post following
this one) got me to thinking. I started thinking about my life in the
late-70s and early 80s, about the people I knew and the clubs I went to
and the general lifestyle I lived back then as a part of the New Wave
scene, and by association (as it was back then) the old punk scene as

Now I'm not normally a Coulda Shoulda Woulda kind of guy. I think I've
generally made some good decisions and choices along the way. I've been
lucky, too. That sometimes helps. So for the most part I'm content with
my place in the Universe at this point, and am pretty much happy.

Still, it doesn't do any harm to ask yourself "what if?" Say, if I had
stayed on a particular road I was on in 1982.

"What would like my life have been like?" he murmurs to himself
as he drifts…off…..to……….sleep.