John Collier, "Lilith."

I was looking for some information the other day on Beethoven and his
mysterious love, usually referred to as the Immortal Beloved. Quite by
accident I happened across a site called Sexual Fables.

Sexual Fables is one of the most interesting sites I have come across
in a long time. It is basically composed of a series of essays on different
literary subjects — but its range is wide. The article "Immortal Beloved"
is an up-to-date and well done summary. Another essay, "Vampires in
Venice," covers George Sand and her crowd, who turn out to have been a
group of people who were not really very nice to each other.

Some are surprising. I started into "The Age of Consent" thinking that I
had run into a staunchly Christian heart for the site, only to find the
essay covering Edgar Allan Poe, Vladimir Nobokov, and ultimately ranging
into the expatriation of Charlie Chaplin in Switzerland. In actual fact
"The Age of Consent" is closer to Twain's Letters From the Earth than
anything Christian.

Each essay also has an excellent sidebar with links to photographs and

I might not agree with the writer in every instance. But it is always an
interesting journey through these essays. And I think that anyone interested
in themes of Romance and the history of Western themes on sexuality would
very much enjoy the readings on Sexual Fables.