I had a CAT scan today up at Holy Family Hospital and
afterward bussed it down to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital
to see my heart surgeon, Dr. Garabedian.

I got there way early. So I decided to take a few pictures
of the place with my cell phone.

A decorative wall outside the Northwest Center for Congenital
Heart Disease at SHCH.

I ran into this rather cryptic sign taking the elevators.
Fish Elevator? I had no idea.

I guess that Ronald McDonald must have a child with a
medical condition.

When I went in for my appointment I asked the nurse at the
front desk what was with the Fish Elevator thing. She told
me that it was referring to the Fish Walk, a skywalk on the
third floor between the Children's Hospital and the regular
Sacred Heart complex. Since I had to go that way anyway on
the way out after my appointment, I rode one of the Fish
Elevators down to the third floor to check out the Fish Walk.

The skywalk is decorated with fish, some rather 3D and some
flat and put onto the glass of the windows. Each fish bears
the name of a donor to the hospital. As you can see besides
the fish there are other fish tank decorations, and there is
a music tape running in the Walk of a kind of gurgling fish-
tank sound.

As for the examination with Garabedian, he said that things
looked okay. He was disappointed though that the function
of the left side of the heart had not improved with the new
stent-valve in place. He had been hoping that there would
have been an improvement, given that my heart function on
that side is still an abysmal 15 percent. And he said that
if it hadn't improved by now, five months after the surgery,
that it just wasn't going to. At least not if we leave things
as they are.

And with regard to that he brought up the subject again of
going back in and putting in the larger diameter stent that
he had been hesitant to put in before. That procedure might
also allow him the opportunity to try out a few new ideas
also — he couldn't say for sure yet because it depends on
how my pulmonary artery reacts to the new stent.

I gave Garabedian the go-ahead to set up the procedure.
But not for October. No way, I'm going to Seattle in
October. Good friends and Valentina Lisitsa. There's no
reason to continue to live if you can't do some things
like that every once in a while.